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At LS4L we encourage and sponsor the practice of life skills. This include among others, woodwork (carpentry), Dress Making (Tailoring) , Drawing and Painting, Decoration and Marking, Hair Dressing, Song writing, Singing ad Dancing, Handcraft and Mechanical works. The essence of this is to bring up the children and keep them focused to their dream career or profession. Take the lead to sponsor a child's career today. 


Education is the greatest gift to a child. Education is the pathway to fulfilling children's dreams and giving them a productive life. Children passionate about education are guaranteed successful, progressive and reliable sponsorship at LS4L through the provision of basic school needs, tuition and follow-up. Educate one child and you'll be proud of a generation . Sponsor a child today. 


Gone are the days when children had fun running about in pants. As a continent - Africa and as a country (Cameroon), we have evolved significantly over the years. Children need to be protected, sheltered and cared for. Basic needs such as clothing, shelter and food forms the basis for the reduction of high crime waves among teenagers and younger children. We at LS4L make available these needs. 


Children are gifts from God and guarantees the future of any race, ethnic group or community. Parents create the path for these children so they don't stumble. At LS4L, we guarantee Parents to abandoned children, victims of natural circumstances, disowned, street children and those who have been considered as outcasts by the world. These children are the reason why LS4L was founded. We give them HOPE in the midst of their hopelessness. We make them part of the ever-changing world. We give them love; parental love, feel, touch, warmth and a sense of belonging.