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About us

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"
Vincent Van Gogh


Let's Stand For Love (LS4L) Foundation is non-profit, non-religious, non-political community outreach organization with its focus on giving the underprivileged children of Cameroon and Africa greater hope for a better future in a meaningful life. We are glad you made it to LS4L official website. The desire to take children off the street, curb juvenile delinquency  and to get everyone involve in the march to making the world a better place - (Michael Jackson) is the key purpose for this foundation.


We at Let's Stand For Love (LS4L) - Foundation seek to integrate the less privileged children into the globalized world through meeting up with their basic, parental as well as technical needs. Giving them a meaningful life bundled with great hope and expectations to fulfilling their dreams.

Have you ever wondered how to impact the life of the less privileged or worry about looking for the best alternative to make a modest contribution or donation to making the world a better place for the living? In Africa we got all the resources to live the life of our dream, yet in some parts of Africa, families are in abject poverty and live a life far below the poverty level. Governments of countries have amass sufficient wealth to cater for their families up to their third generation, keeping rural communities in total blackout of basic life amenities such as education, water, health, electricity and even shelter. The troubles that come with all these inadequacies are as a result of many youths and underage children roaming the streets.

Our Main Objective is the creation of a Community Resource Center (C.R.C) in the remote parts of Cameroon (to start with) accessible to people of all works of life. This center will be for  career development as well as to facilitate the teaching and practice of life-skills. The later activity especially for children with handicapped parents, orphans and children affected by some natural factors. This center also serve the communities through the provision of some basic needs like clothing, food, education, training, shelter, parenting and health.

We can't do more on our own but depend so much on donations from funding bodies and people of goodwill like you. We call on those that share the same opinion to consider "saving a life", because it is necessary to do so and it's in the will of God to do so too.

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